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It's funny, the style and tone actually remind me of lucasarts loom. Great little piece.

I think about this game quite often- it's absolutely beautiful with phenomenal worldbuilding and mood. Absolutely one of my favorite Bitsy games, bought a Host of Gentle Terrors immediately after playing it for the first time years ago.

aaa thank you so much, it's really nice knowing it's stuck with you!


This is really cool, beautiful and interesting. Only critique is the story is a little confusing and I don't always know where to walk. I feel like I might have missed something

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Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

I've been playing through the old bitsy jams and I really have to say that this one is a clear standout. Truly amazing pixelwork. The writing is also nice and has a strong sense of style. A lovely experience <3

Thanks so much!

beautiful game i love the atmosphere and the writing

Really impressive game, with such intricacy in the art and the world-building. It feels like it could be a lost Borges or Bradbury story.

Thanks so much! Both for the comment and for putting the engine and jam together! I definitely feel very influenced by Borges and by, you know, all the people influenced by Borges.

Nice stuff, very neat world-building.



Beautiful game, thanks for making it!

Thank you for playing it!


This looks great, nice work

Thank you!

This was such a beautiful yet sombre experience. Thank you for sharing it with us. The attention to detail is just remarkable. I look forward to whatever you create next!

Thanks so much!